Jeremy Mathai

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Long Island, NY
Dowling College
Indie Movies, Sci-Fi, Lord Of The Rings
  • Jeremy has received direct praise from many filmmakers, actors, and other notable industry figures for his exhaustive coverage of hidden gems and diverse storytelling.
  • In the lead-up to San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Jeremy made good on his lifelong passion for The Lord of the Rings and achieved a personal high water mark in his career by conducting an exclusive interview with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd.
  • In addition to his extensive writing experience, he's also branched out and established a niche for interviewing below-the-line crew members of movies and shows, like VFX artists, costume designers, music composers as well as actual NASA astronauts.


Jeremy has been writing professionally online on a regular basis for nearly a decade. After graduating from college and earning his bachelor's degree, his freelancing work in film and television soon caught the attention of /Film. He joined /Film's new core of staff writers in June of 2021. During his varied freelancing career, Jeremy has previously contributed to a year-long The Lord of the Rings retrospective and had his writing published on the official Star Trek website. His bylines have been featured on various outlets such as IGN, Nerdist, and Polygon.


Jeremy graduated Dowling College with a bachelor's degree in science, which he has since turned into a successful career as a pop culture writer.
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